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Meet Elisha 

Hi there, 

The right fit is important - you are going to share stories with a total stranger. So I don't feel so strangery before we chat here is some of me: 

This work is about getting clarity on how we love and celebrate the unique ways we navigate life in relationships. 

I started my adult life studying Sociology, I became obsessed with how we orgranised ourselves, societies, and culture.  This curiosity set me off on adventures to experience the world living in remote Australia, Cambodia and Nepal amidst a myriad of global adventures where I got to experience how others lived, loved and created meaning in their worlds.

I returned home to study a Masters in Counselling and explored the inner workings of our minds and relationships. On the side, I was exploring yoga and spirituality outside of an institutional framework. I geek out on this stuff.  How we connect with each other, ourselves and present that to the world.

A major thread that keeps drawing my professional work and personal interests together is how we express love. How we explore life, trauma, and connection through relationships consciously and unconsciously.  

I feel in the modern western world we have lost our way in celebrating the magic of human connection, society has changed drastically and we are stuck between past and present . Celebrations became more about what they looked like inspired by Pinterest and Instagram and there is a loss of connection to rites of passage, grief and loss, honoring love and the power of ceremony. To me, this is the stuff that punctuates our lives grounding us in our humanity.

So how do we create meaning and an epic party? You work with me. 

I create ceremonies with soul that feel real, playful and grounding.



Non-work-related stuff about me: 

You'll find me exploring nature with my furry sidekick Malu. I only will have him for about 15 years of my life therefore I want to share as much as I can with him. 

I like learning about wine, I don't remember any of it as the best wine is always attached to memories with others. 

I choose experiences over stuff- every time!!

Op shops are my treasure chest. 

Loves a craft project 

I'll probably eat the last Tim Tam without asking- snacks are life..... 

If I seem like your person, I can’t wait to hear from you.


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